Inspiration to Travel

I cannot imagine my life without interactions with people, nature, and the environment that surrounds me.  How we learn from each person who shares their time, experiences and thoughts with you to form your own unique, special, profound realizations.

What would life be without the connections and experiences we have and how it intertwines with the whole world?

Traveling is how I can attain this concept. I am not the world traveler yet, as I am only 27, but I crave to continue to learn about the world through travel and hope to see my collection of 25 passport stamps increase over time.  It is hard to even put it into words.  The beauty I see in gazing out the window and seeing the old man slowly pushing his wheelbarrow, taking breaks to sit and catch a breath every couple of steps, looking out over the mountains and pine trees.  His determination to get that wheelbarrow to where it needs to be without any help amazes me.  I guess it makes me realize we have the power to do anything.  If its in us to actually make that move, then we can accomplish anything, even if it takes a little time and lots of energy.

I love traveling and seeing locals use their hands, their minds, their souls to live.  No machinery, no technology, no artificial help.  But, we forget so easily in this fast paced world.  When I travel, everything slows down a bit.  I can take the moments to think.  I can take the moments to sit in peace.  I can take the moments to just relish in the environment I am in.  Then unexpectedly, you experience something that you will carry with you forever.  Simple things like a local inviting you stay in their nipa hut.  Straw hats bobbing up and down in the fields of rice paddies.  The sun setting over the sea and making a watercolor painting in the sky.  The old woman selling you home-ade tortillas to support her family.  The child using a coconut to play soccer in the streets.  I guess this can all be grasped anywhere, but being in a different culture and escaping from the conventional and customary thought pattern society has imbedded in us, makes me feel alive.

I see the way that I would like to live, the way I would like to raise a family, the way that makes sense to me.  I don’t think a lot of things make sense in life, but it takes effort to make a change in your life to be the way you want to be and you want your life to be.  Sometimes you have to break away to follow your dreams.  And be completely displaced without any comforts to fall back on.  And traveling, I believe, will help you to be that person as the best source of knowledge is experience.

 So, I hope to inspire and share my experiences with the world through the world!



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  1. jkozak86
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 17:02:08

    Love this page. I really like the way you view travel. Time really does slow down (except for that moment you have to fly home and wonder where all that time went, haha). I like that you can relax or go hiking and blaze trails, and either way you are learning something completely different about your capabilities and your ability to adapt to different life situations.


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