A New Kind of Ramen

I broke my diet today.  After just watching the documentary “The Beautiful Truth,” I went on a raw diet frenzy, making smoothies for breakfast and eating vegetarian raw meals at night, with the only exception of school lunches.  Everything was going great, until my unbelievably awesome and unique 6th grade after school student, Ha Neul, treated our class to her own culinary specialty, cola ramen (pronounced Ra-mee-yan in Korea.)  This went against every cooking and nutrition principle in my book.

Koreans have a strange obsession with the pre-packaged, salty and spicy instant food that leaves not only your stomach full, but also your wallet.  Under a dollar for a pack and your hunger is satisfied, although your daily sodium and sugar nutritional intake will exceed the limit.  Ramen is usually paired with gimbap (high calorie Korean sushi) and typically you will need a refreshing cola to help wash down the stringy, noodles of synthetic substance.   More


An Exceptional Gift

NA YeonAfter a frantically frazzling, yet entirely engrossing day of teaching “Good morning and How are you” to my beautiful, yet boldly barbaric fourth graders, I was greeted in the hallway by Na Yeon, my former kindergarten student who I absolutely adore.  I passed by her rather quickly today, since my schedule only allowed for a couple of minutes between each class to breathe, let alone go to the restroom.  She tugged at my coat as I walked by, so I slowed down my pace, as she changed directions and started to walk with me while rustling around in her pink, Hello Kitty backpack.  She pulled out a small, blue bag that read “Exceptional gift” across the bottom.   More

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