India Part 8: The Amazing Race

On the way to Port Blair

My over-determined original plan of flying to Dharmasala (a small Tibetan influenced mountain town North of Delhi) to do a week long yoga class, then take a toy train down to Armistar to see the Golden Temple, was abolished when an unexpected cold front transpired.  My wanderlust attitude of just going with the flow and not adequately researching the inevitable;  snow in January in the mountains, led to the consequence of digging into my savings and impulsively buying a plane ticket to the Andaman Islands for my last week with Melissa.  After browsing through Frederic from Belgium’s pictures and listening to his seductive sermon about secluded white sand beaches, money was no object (in this situation at least!)  But in the wise words of Donald J. Wooden, “We’re here for a good time, not a long time,” right? More


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