Wings on the Horizon

Ha Na and ILast week, as I was approaching one of my rural schools,Nae Dae elementary, in the sleepy town of….Nae Dae, multiple flocks of birds soared over my head like missiles in the sky.  They caught my attention and literally made me stop in my tracks.  Most shop owners still soundly sleeping with no rush to wake up for the crowds of customers, just waiting for the doors to open.  The canned and dry goods sit on the local corner shop shelf dusty and expired, while the fresh produce picked daily from the surrounding farms sit in personalized bins for their local owner, covered in dirt and soil.  The only ones who are awake were the birds flying overhead and the soldiers in the distance marching through the rice paddies resembling ants in a line.  Besides the occasional testing of bombs down the road, the world seemed harmonious and gentle.



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