Bali: A Queen’s Suite

The sounds of dishes clanking and Harry’s powerful giggle woke me up at 6 am.  I peeked my head out the window and Harry’s Mom glanced over and shouted “Johanna. Mornin’. Breakfast?” I groggily made my way over to the sitting area. The Dhali Lama sat staring at me in a frame.  Limp, faded flowers surrounded him as he watched my every move.  Incense infused the air and got caught in my eyes. Pamphlets of yoga, reflexology, sound medicine and massage lay next to an assortment of essential oils. Harry was entertaining himself with an orange, bashing it against the wall in hopes it would bounce back to him.  A homemade hot pocket appeared on my plate. While I sipped my tea, staring into space, I brainstormed my rough plan for the day according to my senses. Harry’s Dad rustled around in the garden and approached me with heaping handfuls of  More


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