Laos: The First Impression

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe minivan driver’s seven hours of ruthless, sharp, hairpin turns from the border of Thailand not only left me with an urge to purge, but also contradicted the slow life that was unaffectedly displayed as we drove by. The sun shining down from the cloudless sky showering the dust covered cheerful children playing freely in the road. Their mothers congregated around the dirt yard gossiping away, hanging faded yet freshly washed clothes on the stick fence, adding a row of color to contrast the dark plain, simple wood huts.  Even the animals seemed to smile. Dogs, cats, chickens and pigs graciously sharing a community of their own, living in coexistence with each other despite their differences. I couldn’t help but smile myself staring out the window to find what I saw as pure existence and all More


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