Yeosu: Sunrise to Sunset

Alleyway near fish market

Buddha’s Birthday served as a much needed 3 day mini vacation and just enough time for a 7 hour journey south to Yeosu, the coastal city of the 2012 World Expo.  We covered a lot of grounds in day one from our 4 am taxi adventure to catch the cloud induced “sunrise” at a Buddhist temple, to walking along one of Korea’s 100 scenic roads which led to a rocky, picturesque, yet artificial feeling island eqipped with a lighthouse, dragon cave and musical fountain, to the stinky fish market where we picked out a mystery fish to be slaughtered in front of us, then consumed raw with the help of dear friends wasabi and soy sauce.



A Little Bit of Heaven

I took these photos over a span of the last 6 months.  I never pass by this tree without admiring it’s unique beauty and the atmospheric backdrop, depending on the season (usually between 5:30-7:30PM), that helps this lonely masterpiece of Mother Nature to stand out boldly among a universe of unrivaled creations.
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“Wouldn’t Life Be Grand” Wednesdays

I never used to look forward to my Wednesday teaching days.  My reasons vary, but I will not bore you with the details. Due to infrequent buses to this really rural town, my alarm goes off an hour before my usual wake up time. I take the local bus 20 minutes to the town of Jijoeng-ri, and am left with an awkward and uncomfortable hour of sitting in the teacher’s office reading in the corner, while the vice principal sits at her desk plucking her nose hairs and examining her wrinkles in a hand mirror.


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