India Part 10: The Reflective Wrap-Up

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People say that India will change you.  It not only changed me, but it opened my heart and intoxicated me with inconceivable insights and overt observations that have morphed my perspective on many of my stubborn beliefs that have been instilled in me since I was a child.  India taught me to let go.  To not worry so much.  To let things be.  Something that I always struggled with.  Of course, every country has “the good, the bad and the ugly,” but I refuse to see “the bad and the ugly” part of India, because it all intertwines together to form a magical mind blowing contrast that is unlike anywhere in the world, at least that I’ve been to.   More


India Part 8: The Amazing Race

On the way to Port Blair

My over-determined original plan of flying to Dharmasala (a small Tibetan influenced mountain town North of Delhi) to do a week long yoga class, then take a toy train down to Armistar to see the Golden Temple, was abolished when an unexpected cold front transpired.  My wanderlust attitude of just going with the flow and not adequately researching the inevitable;  snow in January in the mountains, led to the consequence of digging into my savings and impulsively buying a plane ticket to the Andaman Islands for my last week with Melissa.  After browsing through Frederic from Belgium’s pictures and listening to his seductive sermon about secluded white sand beaches, money was no object (in this situation at least!)  But in the wise words of Donald J. Wooden, “We’re here for a good time, not a long time,” right? More

India Part 7: I’m a Believer

View from U-turn

[Preface] After our jam packed previous 2 weeks of travel through the South and North of India, we decided to take rest in the city of Pushkar, what seemed to be a smaller, cleaner, friendlier Varanasi.  A shoppers haven and Hindus holy place.  Two days turned into four and one scarf turned into ten.  The streets were filled with journals, jewelry, bangles and bongos.  We checked into More

India Part 6: Smiles from Salim

The 6 hour, class 2A, sleeper train from Agra to Jaipur was a blessing in disguise.  We stretched out, and slept comfortably after pulling our all-nighter, Anne Frank experience.  We were greeted by the smile of  man named Salim.  He graciously took our bags, as we explained to him that we all needed to use More

India Part 5: The Midnight Run to Agra

Sleeping in Disguise

After our semi royal treatment of bunking up in a vacant three story house within the completely hostel booked back alleys of Varanasi, fully equipped with our exclusive body guard who slept outside of our room all night, (while the owners of the mansion spent their vacation in Spain), we figured we’d keep rolling the red carpet onward to Agra.  Salinda, our personal, non English speaking driver, More

India Part 4: The Kingdom of Crap

Varanasi.  It has taken me couple weeks to reflect upon this place, but can’t get it out of my head.  It’s not your typical vacation destination, and my conservative Grandmother most likely wouldn’t approve, but I have non-the-less come to the conclusion that it is unlike any place in the world I’ve More

India Part 3: Bathing with the Beast

[Preface] It was no more than one minute on our long distance bus ride when I heard “STOP THE BUS!”   Lisa and I quickly realized it was Melissa who had spotted the glossy eyed, drunken man who had been following us at the bus terminal for the past thirty minutes.  “HE’S A BAD MAN!”  Melissa screamed fiercely,  pointing More

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