Korean Christmas #2

Last Friday,  I looked more of a porter than teacher when I walked into school.  I came to school with my buddy (my travel pack) stuffed with ski gear and a roller carrier bag filled with xmas goodies, food and presents.  I spent the day not teaching, but baking pumpkin bread in our English office and listening to Christmas music since classes were canceled because it was the last day of the semester.  I dressed up as Rudolph and visited the classrooms and demanded the children say “Merry Christmas” before diving into the candy bag and a “thank you” after.  Since our school has over 20 teachers, I left a warm loaf of pumpkin bread for the teachers to enjoy.

As I was leaving school to get on the bus to Seoul, I wanted to yell down the halls and through the streets in town “Schools out for the….winter.”  I was joyful and merry and glad to have a two month break from regular classes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a teacher, but I desperately need a break to refresh myself and rejuvenate for the new semester starting in March.  Two hours later, I arrived in the ghost town of Huenngye on the east coast of Korea.  The 20 minute cab ride was quite entertaining and the driver even reduced the price of the fare by 2,000 Won since I taught him how to say “hundred” and “thousand” in English. We entered the cozy village of Lohas Park and unloaded into our cute, log cabin.  A total of 15 other teacher friends came from all over the country to celebrate the festivities.

Saturday’s agenda was similar to Thanksgiving, as we ate, drank, ate and drank some more, with a snow tubing session after lunch just across from the villas.  Some experts even whipped up a batch of egg nog too.  Christmas dinner got a little chaotic with the 3 mini ovens and the scheduling took a little longer than expected, but non the less, we had our 2 turkeys, cranberry dressing, Yorkshire pudding, 2 types of mashed potatoes, lasagna, sweet potato casserole, salad, stuffed mushrooms, roasted veggies and of course smothered in gravy.  We continued on with the night opening our Secret Santa gifts and playing an array of games, which some ended in bruises, and others taking whiskey shots.

Christmas morning Sally worked hard in the kitchen serving 15 hungry campers a typical English breakfast of sausage, fried egg, beans and tomato. A culinary expert friend used the salmon we caught at the salmon fest and broiled it with butter and herbs, then added cream cheese, scallions and a dash of mayo to make a delightful salmon spread for the bagels, along with my homemade pumpkin bread, which I was extremely pleased with.  With our bellies full, we took off for Yong Pyong, the venue for the 2018 winter Olympics.  After having a mini breakdown as a result of the overwhelming Korean crowds, 2 hours later, we were out on the slopes.  We only had 2 hours to shred, but that was all we could take due to the bone chilling weather!  By 10pm, and 2 bus rides later, I was back at home.  With an empty fridge and nothing too appetizing in my pantry, the only thing I could find was a package of ramen.  I cranked up the heat, switched on my Christmas lights, heated up my ramen, grabbed my chopsticks, put on my Eagles snuggie, plopped on the couch, turned on “A Christmas Story” and my Christmas was complete.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janet
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 01:22:26

    Johanna, I am so thrilled to be back on your blog list!!
    How did you ever cook that turkey in that SMALL oven!! What a menu–Looks like everyone got in on the show!


    • jojobee6
      Jan 02, 2012 @ 12:08:54

      I just received your xmas card and cannot believe how big all the kiddos are! Great picture! Thanks so much for thinking of me:) And thanks for showing Nona my video! Glad you all enjoyed it! Happy new years to you, Uncle Tom and the whole family! Also, I’m thinking we need a family reunion….what about “Wooden Hawaii Reunion 2012?” I’ll start planning asap! hahaha (I’m really actually serious!) Much love Aunt Janet!!!!


  2. Donna Stewart
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 22:27:51

    Wooden Hawaii Reunion 2012? I am there! I am part of the family now, right?
    Johanna, Happy Happy New Year, May it be your BEST so far! I love my card. I will save it forever!
    Even the Ramen noodle dinner sounds fabulous!


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