Chopsticks and turkey

9 am. Baileys coffee. One oven. Frank Sinatra. More baileys coffee.  Turkey #1 in the oven. Stuffing in the crockpot. Carrots on the stove.  Mimosas.  Green bean casserole.  Skype with Max and DJ.  More mimosas.  Turkey # 2 in the oven. Corn casserole. Skype with Mom and Dad. Chocolate covered strawberries filled with khalua shots.  Sing a long at Claires.  2 taxis.  Trunks full.  Meet more friends at pension.  Give thanks. Eat food. Drink wine. Limbo. Dance party.  2nd plate of food.  More wine. More dancing.  Sleep.  Leftovers breakfast.  Lazy Sunday.

 Once again, a truly memorable weekend and amazing thanksgiving in Korea.

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Dream mode

Photo Shoot

The cold weather is approaching.  Eye lashes freezing.  Feet numb with frost bite from the 10 minute walk home.  Hands and lips chapped with bitter dryness. Temperatures get close to negative 20 degree C.  A direct affect from this viscous, uncomfortable weather is a lack of inspiration.  This is my greatest fear; to have no intellectual, emotional, or spiritual excitement. We might as well be dead right? More

Gone Fishin’

My salmon caught with my own hands!Foreigners, locals and Koreans from around the country came to Yang Yang, a small coastal city for the annual Salmon Festival.  Salmon that were spawned in Namdaecheon Stream swim to the East Sea to grow for three to five years in the Bering Sea before returning to Namdaecheon Stream between late October and November.  This is prime time to catch a big one.For this event, the office of Yangyang prepares a total of about 3,000 salmon, some supplied by the Yangyang Naesumyeon Research Center and others netted by professional fishers. The salmon are then released in part of the stream about 30 centimeters deep, which is blocked by a net on either end. More

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